Design Of
Monitoring Systems

"Engineering Solutions"

Based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of monitoring and analyzing over 60 various structures over the past 26 years and also the capabilities of our engineering staff, we are able to offer efficient and optimum design of Monitoring systems placement and quantity to our clients.

Typically the consultant defines the parameters it wants to measure, but it is always the monitoring company that can suggest the best technology available and the applicable placement of the instrumentation, therefore we in SADAFZAR always cooperate with the consultant to achieve the optimum design of instrumentation and this is in our opinion is the best combination to achieve the desired results.

The most important factor in any monitoring project is the correct design of the monitoring instruments, to measure the required operational and safety parameters in the relevant structure which is being monitored, which should follow the three basic steps as below :
–  Correct choice of instruments to measure the desired parameters.
–  Correct placement of instruments in order to monitor and control all relevant parameters needed.
–  Optimized number of instruments in order to achieve maximum results with minimum cost

SADAFZAR as a specialized engineering company in the field of monitoring instrumentation has designed and executed more than 60 projects of; Dams, tunnels, Power Plants and historical buildings, etc… during the past 26 years and through the capabilities of its technical office is able to provide the design of monitoring instrumentation for all its clients.