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Sisgeo SRL

SISGEO was founded in 1993 inheriting the abilities of “SIS Geotecnica”, leading company in Italy in the geotechnical field. Over the years, SISGEO has distinguished itself among the international excellences thanks to a tight and highly motivated working group, who devoted itself with passion and creativity to design and manufacture high quality instruments to meet the broader needs in the field of civil engineering. Experience is the solid foundation from which we start every day to develop our products and services with a constant focus on continuous innovation and attention to the sector’s future needs. Over the years, SISGEO has become a recognized brand for quality, reliability and innovation.

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Field SRL Logo


FIELD is a Sisgeo Group member company that provides Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineering Services. FIELD has conducted business both in Italy and abroad for the past 20 years with its team of highly specialised geologists, engineers, topographers and technicians, providing clients with specialised technical assistance during design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructures. Established in 1999 with head office in Lallio (Bergamo), FIELD is renowned both in Italy and internationally for measuring and monitoring systems for civil, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering applications. FIELD has developed new competencies over the years, expanding its service offering and becoming, without doubt, a leader in the international and Italian technical assistance and consulting sector, and for services designed to meet the needs of geotechnical, civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering.

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NHAZCA (Natural HAZards Control and Assessment), Spin-off Company of “Sapienza” University of Rome, is an international leader in the analysis and monitoring of natural hazards and large infrastructures for the management and mitigation of risks. NHAZCA is strongly characterized by a highly integrated and motivated team which contributes to its success and growth over time. Our team consists of enthusiasts geologists, engineers, project managers, and technicians coming both from private and academic world, also benefiting from a world-class network. Since our foundation, our team has been growing extensively and our ambition is to continue to develop new solutions and services while expanding our geographic footprint. Each co-worker is a specialist in his or her field.

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Lunitek SRL

Lunitek comes from years of experience manufacturing devices. It was 1996 when, under another name, our company started producing innovative and farsighted instrument for the time, the instrument was called MCDR.  A compact modular data recorder that was engineered for acquiring signals from different sensor families such as thermocouples, strain gages, encoders. The instrument was greatly appreciated by our customers and has been sold to the automotive, industry, railways and medical markets. Some of our customers still use MCDR after more than 20 years and we try our best to assist regardless the obsolescence of the components. In the early 2000’s we were involved in the seismic market to monitor the health of the structures. It was our turning point, from that point on we started to invest and design more specific instrument for the seismic market. Today our core manufacturing business is seismic devices.

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Since 1972 LSI Lastem, from its headquarters in Milan (Italy), has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete range of high-quality systems for environmental monitoring. LSI Lastem instrumentation is intended for numerous applications for portable and fixed monitoring of both indoor and outdoor environments, always guaranteeing the highest accuracy and reliability of measurements. Its product range includes sensors, data-loggers, software as well as installation and mounting accessories. The company, whose quality system is ISO 9001-2015 certified by TÜV NORD, puts customer satisfaction at the center of its activities; this commitment is also realized through the supply of before-sales and after-sales services that guarantee users of LSI LASTEM systems to always operate efficient, precise and continuously updated instruments. LSI Lastem laboratories are ISO 17025 certified by Accredia (LAT205) with outstanding state-of-the-art testing equipment.

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