Installation Of Instrumentation

"Engineering Solutions"

SADAFZAR Company has a highly trained team of 47 professional engineers and technicians with the accumulated experience and knowledge of installing over 8.000 instruments in various projects, worldwide.

It is a fact that the best and most expensive instruments in the world if installed incorrectly will be equal to the worst instruments or even no instruments; especially in the field of geotechnical monitoring where most of the instruments are buried under a considerable amount of relevant construction material; soil, rock or concrete; therefore are in most cases not accessible after installation; therefore it is critical that the installation procedure should be performed with experts who have been trained by the specialized company according to the installation manual of the manufacturer and also have gained the needed experience for the instrument being installed.

SADAFZAR Company with more than 26 years experience in the installation of 60 projects of, Dams, Tunnels, Power Plants and historical buildings, etc… has been able to develop an excellent training program and currently has a professional crew of 30no. engineers to provide services worldwide.